Assembly Services
    • State-of-the-art SMT lines
    • Double-sided SMT, Thru-Hole Technologies
    • Fine Pitch BGAs, QFPs and PLCCs
    • X-ray Inspection
    • Press-Fit Connectors
    • Repairs and specialized services
    • Manual and Fully Automated Assembly
    • Plastic / Ceramic BGA / Micro BGA
    • Convection oven reflow
    • Mixed Technologies
    • Parts Procurement / Kitting
    • BGA re-balling down to .012" balls

    The PCB Design is filed away and the Printed Circuit Boards are fabricated. Now What!!!

    assem_boards factory0852a assemblymachines

    With our Value Added services, we can have your boards assembled while you sit back and wait (or start
    on that next project which is probably already behind schedule). Don't have the time, or patience
    purchasing parts and preparing the parts kit, than let us do it. We can handle your parts procurement
    and put together the kits for assembly. Our Assembly partners provide both manual and fully automated
    assembly. So whether you have 1 board or 100 boards, we got you covered.

    Product Quality and Delivery is important to you. Our reputation is important to us. Excellent quality work and On-Time delivery means repeat business and recommendations to your colleagues. Rest assured you will receive the best quality product On-Time.