Customer Project Status
Welcome to Customer Project Status. Our intent is to provide you with the latest status and delivery schedules for your projects that you can check day or night.

In order to check your project status, a user name and password is required. You will then be directed to a page which shows all current projects that you have in process at ADS.

We realize that projects are a team effort, and that other members of your team may need to check status of your project. You may choose to let them use your User Name and Password, or have a unique User Name and Password assigned to them.

By default, your User Name would be your email address and a password would have been emailed to you. You may choose to keep the password assigned to you, or change the password by dropping us an email originating from the email address for your User Name.

A sample Project Status page has been set up that allows others to see what the ADS Project Status is all about.

For guests only, log in using the following:

User Name: guest
Password: guest