The Mini-RF project will fly two instruments to the Moon to use radar to search for water ice and to demonstrate the future NASA communications technologies. The first instrument will map both polar regions. The second instrument will fly on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and will perform targeted radar observations and communications demonstrations. A goal of both instruments is to search inside permanently shadowed regions for possible ice deposits. These ice deposits would be a valuable resource to a future human outpost.
Well, we're not physically going to the moon, but we are going in spirit.

Advanced Design Solutions provided PCB Design and Fabrication Services to Sandia National Labs for two of the boards that make up the Single Aperture Radar (SAR) system for the LRO Spacecraft.

Working from schematics, we performed the PCB Layout and provided assembled prototype PCB's. Requiring only minor tweaking after the prototype review, we finalized the PCB Design and provided bare fabricated boards which required specialized assembly.

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